Site One offers a range of monopoles to support antennas for wireless applications such as Mobile, Microwave and Wireless Broadband. Designs range from a simple steel pole to an elegant structure with camouflaged antennas as shown on the Architectural Structures page.

Features include:

  • Standard monopole designs up to 55m in height (custom designs for other heights)
  • Design to any of the widely used standards such as EIA 222, Eurocodes and CL7
  • Design, materials and workmanship compliant with European or other Standards
  • Galvanising to EN 1461

Options include:

  • Climbing ladder with tilting intermediate footrests, or conventional rest platforms
  • Internally climbable monopoles
  • Climbing ladder with or without safety cage
  • Anti-climb systems
  • Cable ladders
  • Platforms and headframes to customer specification
  • LatchwaysMonostep, Metreel sectional ladder, Soll or other temporary climbing systems
  • Latchways, Metreel, Railok, Cabloc or similar fall arrestor systems
  • Foundation designs can be supplied for standard structures or designed to customer or site specific requirements
  • A wide range of antenna mounts and antenna brackets to suit dish, sector, omni and other antenna types
  • Earthing kits
  • Aircraft warning lights
  • Extendable configuration

In addition, Site One provides related services such as:

  • Foundation design and construction
  • Monopole installation and certification
  • Monopole analysis
  • Monopole inspection
  • Monopole strengthening

Loudspeaker poles

If you require loudspeaker poles or supports for permanent use or for events we can provide the answer. We have a wide range of designs all of which can be customised to suit your requirements or alternatively we can design something unique for you.